We are a leading travel company in Sri Lanka. We will create an amazing holiday experience for you to capture in memory the exotic sights and sounds of Sri Lanka. We know that a holiday should revive your entire self: body, mind and spirit alike.


Why Choose Us ?

  • Meet extremely friendly, hospitable and easygoing people.
  • Stay at authentic hotels and experience our unique itineraries.
  • Learn about the rich, vibrant and colourful history dating back over 2500 years
  • Explore ruined cities, palaces, temples, fortresses, royal pleasure gardens and ancient pagodas – Second only to the great pyramids of Egypt
  • Enjoy the beautiful lakes, magnificent waterfalls, historic canals, flat and wild rivers, calm and quiet lagoons and marshes.
  • Marvel at the abundance of animal life with our own sub-species of elephant, leopards, with many birds, butterfiles, amphibians and plants unique to this island.
  • Relax in an island with some of the most beautiful beaches, bays and underwater attractions you could find in the world.


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